Coffee with the Candidates: #ARElections Day on Today’s THV This Morning

Your Vote 2010

Your Vote 2010

We’ve got what’s shaping up to be an unpredictable — but fun! — Tuesday morning on “Today’s THV This Morning” tomorrow, Election Day.

Hosts Alyson Courtney and Tom Brannon will be live at Community Bakery in downtown Little Rock throughout the show. I’ll be there too, and we’ll chat with some of the state’s candidates for Congressional and state offices, as well as give some final info on all the races and what to watch for on Election Night.

So who exactly’s gonna show up early? “Today’s THV This Morning” Producer Matthew Carroll says he’s called just about everybody — particularly in the U.S. House and Senate races, along with those for the state’s Constitutional offices — and most have agreed to pop in for a final informal chat over some hot coffee and pastries. Elections and eclairs! Should be hoot.

Check it out tomorrow starting at 5 a.m. on Today’s THV to see who shows.


The Long Goodbye: BJ Sams Says Farewell on Friday

BJ Sams and Tom Brannon say goodbye ahead of Sams' final morning broadcast on Friday. Click for video.

BJ Sams and Tom Brannon say goodbye ahead of Sams' final morning broadcast on Friday. Click for video.

After more than 50 years in broadcasting (“Fifty-six,” he’ll remind you), BJ Sams is signing off tomorrow. His final broadcast of “Today’s THV This Morning” happens Friday.

This morning, before tomorrow’s busy farewell, he spent some final moments with his long-time “This Morning” co-host and sparring partner Tom Brannon, who commissioned a special “long-distance dedication” for his pal. Click here to see video of the segment, and be sure to check out tomorrow’s show for BJ’s final moments on air in Arkansas.

More Video

It’s been a month of tributes. Click for video of BJ with:

Alyson Courtney | Former co-host Robyn Richardson and her surprise | Chris Olsen | The Peabody Hotel | Leslie Heizman | Former co-host Beth Ward | Derrick Rose | Liz Massey | Dawn Scott | His Top 11 Quotes | Arkansas Children’s Hospital | Mark Pryor | KARK | Capital Hotel | Alyson, BJ & Tom at 6:30 p.m

See more on the Official Retirement Page


BJ Sams to retire

BJ Sams honored at Media Fellowship luncheon

Charles Crowson to co-host

Charles Crowson to Anchor ‘Today’s THV This Morning’

The announcement, this morning. Charles gets the big boy chair.

The announcement, this morning. Charles gets the big boy chair.

Congratulations to Charles Crowson, who’ll take over BJ Sams‘ spot on the couch after Sams retires on July 31. The “Today’s THV This Morning” crew made the announcement Thursday morning.

Crowson, a former Stone Ward public relations account executive, has been with THV since January 2007 and, most recently, has been working as a reporter for the morning show. In fact, he was conducting live reports on the manhunt for Todd Bostian early this morning before rushing back to the studio for today’s announcement.

Charles begins anchor duties on Aug. 3 alongside co-anchors Alyson Courtney and Tom Brannon. And congrats to Melissa Dunbar-Gates, who’s also joining the show as its reporter.

THVideo: Ghidotti on Moms and Social Networking

Click to watch the video

Click to watch the video

Natalie Ghidotti, a Little Rock PR pro who used to work with me at Arkansas Business and was a guest blogger here recently, was on “Today’s THV This Morning” today talking about social networking and how mothers are using it to share information and experiences.

In her post for this site, Ghidotti talked about how corporations are trying to reach this coveted group of online personalities, as well as the ethical issues tied to moms blogging and tweeting about products and services.

Ghidotti’s conversation with THV’s Alyson Courtney touches on those issues and more. Click here to watch the full clip. You can follow her on Twitter here.


THVideo: Alyson Courtney and I Talk Twitter

THVideo: Alyson Courtney and I Talk Twitter

Click here to watch the segment

Click here to watch the segment

Whew! Two and a half minutes does go by fast. Especially on TV. It’s almost like trying to keep your tweets at a 140 characters!

That’s right, I said “140.” Although sharp-eared Twitterati will hear me in the video to the left saying “240” for some reason. “240”?! How do I mess that up? That’s basic Twitter 101! All I can say is, it was 6:40 in the a.m. and I’d yet to break into the coffee. It happens.

But thanks to “Today’s THV” for having me on and being such enthusiastic New Media experimenters. And check out Charles Crowson — he’s discovered Twitpic — much to Alyson’s dismay.

Like I said in the video, it’s easy to get “social media fatigue” trying to keep up with all that’s out there. The key for anyone thinking about using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, whatever, is to think about your goals, the way you work, and your possible audience, then experiment to see what service best fits you based on that criteria.

You don’t have to do it all. But you should be aware of what’s out there.

Also noted in the segment: How the government is using Twitter to keep citizens abreast of the swine flu, how Tyson Foods is using Twitter as part of its charitable work, and Delta Trust & Bank‘s plans to Twitter this weekend from the Berkshire-Hathaway shareholders meeting.

Find THV Twitterers here. See more Arkansas Twitterers via the Arkansas Twitter Guide. And follow me on Twitter @LT.

More: Jessica Duff on “Today’s THV at 9” has more on Twitter. (Includes video.)

Talking Twitter Tuesday on ‘Today’s THV This Morning’

All a Twitter

All a-Twitter

Tired of Twitter yet? Possibly! But the little microblogging service that could is still generating plenty of buzz — some of it not from bored news editors but people legitimately curious about the service and how it might help their business.

At about 6:20 6:40 a.m.-ish on Tuesday, I’ll give a quick primer on Twitter on “Today’s THV This Morning” and, time permitting, how some Arkansas businesses and other organizations are using the service (which we’ve touched on before on this blog and on the radio). Are you suffering from social media fatique and wondering whether Twitter is for you? Hopefully, we can help you answer that question, as well.

Meanwhile, remember you can follow me @LT and Arkansas Business @ArkBusiness. And be sure to sign up with the THV Morning Crew:

@MatthewGCarroll, producer

@BeccaBuerkle, producer

@AlysonCourtney, anchor

@CCrowson016, reporter/anchor

@todaysthv, news


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Media Notes: Pulitzers, Blogs, Twitter and Newspapers (and More!)

Our weekly roundup of media news from all over:

The Difference – Today’s THVers join the Twittersphere: @alysoncourtney and @ccrowson016 (Charles Crowson) sign on.

Eyes on the PrizeThe New York Times dominates the Pulitzer Prizes. Also: An Arkansas native wins one for nonfiction. Stacy Sells notes that while this was the first year only-online news sources could compete, none of them won jack.

Newspapers, Kerry’d AwaySen. John Kerry’s gonna help save the newspapers. Here’s Stovall, rightfully worried.

Link Bait! – Wall Street 24/7 discovers that lists = links. So here’s another of its “[insert number here] things that will die soon” lists. Esquire magazine among them.

Get Real Paid – Hold on. Some folks get money for this?

Twitter TV– Local TV news discovers Twitter.

Awl Over But the BloggingGawker all-stars Alex Balk and Choire Sicha launch The Awl, some sort of new blogging thing.

Depends on How You Look At It – Since going online-only, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has held on to 80 percent of its traffic, which means it lost about 20 percent of its traffic, which is really great/terrible!

Stand BackAn impassioned response/rebuke to another “dammit, newspapers gotta charge for content” newspaper column.

None of Your Business – The business journal in Washington D.C. might be cutting salaries by 5 percent, but they’re not talking! Thankfully, none of that here.