Get Your Northwest Arkansas Twitterers Here

A handy resource

A handy resource

In honor of the third #LRTweetup tonight @CopperGrill in downtown Little Rock, we salute our neighbors to the northwest, who’re also cultivating quite the Twitter community.

It’s grown so much that today the Fayetteville Flyer, the region’s online hub for news, music, culture and all things Internet, has launched its own Twitter guide.

You can check out the Twitter Guide of Fayetteville Area Tweeps right here, nicely and neatly categorized for your enjoyment. You can even add yourself to the list.

Kudos to those savvy Flyer folks for making it happen. And keeping it organized. And user friendly. Someone could learn a lot from their example.

More Tweeps!

Check our Arkansas Twitter Guide here, if you can stand it.

Look Who’s Tweeting: Another Arkansas Twittersphere Update

It’s time, once again, to update the Arkansas Twitter Guide! Check the incomplete, noncomprehensive list here.

Jim Harris –– Editor,

Samantha Friedman – – Reporter, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. You’ve seen her at parties, getting shots for High Pro.

Jeffrey Wood – – Vice president and publisher of the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal. Also one of the funniest dudes you’ll ever meet.

Jon Gambrell – – Reporter for the Associated Press in Little Rock.

Andrew DeMillo – – Reporter for the Associated Press in Little Rock and a helluva long-distance runner.

Charlie Frago – – Reporter for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Shawn Arnell and Wally Hall – – They share an account! Can one Twitter feed contain all those metaphors?

Linda Tyler – – An Arkansas State Representative from Conway and @LT‘s 1,000th follower.

The Junior League of Little Rock – – The nonprofit offers an endless stream of “Pearls of Wisdom.”

Winrock International – – Live from Petit Jean, it’s the Twitter home for the nonprofit.

Ronie Sparkman, BluMoo Creative – – Another project from the creative director of the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal

The Paper Moon – – Yep. That one.

In Celebration of the 2nd #LRTweetup, An Arkansas Twittersphere Update

To mark tonight’s 2nd #LRTweetup event, let’s check in with some new additions to the Arkansas Twitter Guide!

We put out the call, and you answered. See the full, updated guide here and check the new entries below:

New Entries

Keith Crawford, aka Tsudo, the brains behind the Official LRTweetup Web site:*

BorkDog (Philip Martin) –

Kelley Bass –

Jamie Gates, Conway Chamber of Commerce –

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock –

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families –

Steve Sullivan, KATV –

Even more! After the jump.

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Add Your Name to the Arkansas Twitter Guide

Add your name to this list

Add your name to this list

It’s been eons since we’ve done a round of newbies to the Arkansas Twittersphere, mainly because we can barely keep up! We’re eager to do more, by bringing you a weekly update of who’s who among Twitterers in Arkansas — but we’re going to need your help.

From now on, comments on the Arkansas Twitter Guide page are open, so if you check the list, see you’re not there and want to be included, simply leave your name, Twitter URL and category in the comments section below the list. We’ll come along later and add you to the guide.

As far as categories go, you can use the ones we’re already using as a starting point. If you don’t think you fit any of those, just make up a new one on the spot, and we’ll consider adding it. One rule for being on the list: You must be in Arkansas. That’s why it’s called “The Arkansas Twitter” guide.

Then, every week or so, we’ll round up new additions in a blog post – a completely arbitrary practice that’s totally under my discretion!

So get started now, and look for our next Twittersphere round-up coming soon. Thanks!


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Another Arkansas Twitter Update

Just when we thought this thing had peaked, new Twitter users keep piling in. Admittedly, some in the list below have been around for few days, but we’ve not had a chance to call them out yet.

Consider yourselves called.

This week: A preponderance of THV-ers. I guess our quick seminar worked!

U.S. Rep. Mike Ross:

Innovate Arkansas, a program helping Arkansas entrepreneurs bring ideas and products to market:

Jonathan Dismang, state representative:

Werner Trieschmann, former Arkansas Democrat-Gazette writer, editor; playright –

Ross Cranford, CJRW ad man, iPhone early adopter:

Tom Brannon, KTHV –

Becca Buerkle, KTHV morning show producer –

Meredith Mitchell, KTHV –

Neil Sommerlatte, KTHV –

Jessica Duff, KTHV Web reporter –

Rob Hatfield, KTHV director –

THV This Morning

And of course, you can see more in our ever-expanding, unwieldy, unorganized Arkansas Twitter Guide.

THVideo: Alyson Courtney and I Talk Twitter

Click here to watch the segment

Click here to watch the segment

Whew! Two and a half minutes does go by fast. Especially on TV. It’s almost like trying to keep your tweets at a 140 characters!

That’s right, I said “140.” Although sharp-eared Twitterati will hear me in the video to the left saying “240” for some reason. “240”?! How do I mess that up? That’s basic Twitter 101! All I can say is, it was 6:40 in the a.m. and I’d yet to break into the coffee. It happens.

But thanks to “Today’s THV” for having me on and being such enthusiastic New Media experimenters. And check out Charles Crowson — he’s discovered Twitpic — much to Alyson’s dismay.

Like I said in the video, it’s easy to get “social media fatigue” trying to keep up with all that’s out there. The key for anyone thinking about using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, whatever, is to think about your goals, the way you work, and your possible audience, then experiment to see what service best fits you based on that criteria.

You don’t have to do it all. But you should be aware of what’s out there.

Also noted in the segment: How the government is using Twitter to keep citizens abreast of the swine flu, how Tyson Foods is using Twitter as part of its charitable work, and Delta Trust & Bank‘s plans to Twitter this weekend from the Berkshire-Hathaway shareholders meeting.

Find THV Twitterers here. See more Arkansas Twitterers via the Arkansas Twitter Guide. And follow me on Twitter @LT.

More: Jessica Duff on “Today’s THV at 9” has more on Twitter. (Includes video.)

Neal Gladner and I Talk Blogs, Twitter and Business on KZNG Radio

On the air Wednesday morning

On the air Wednesday morning

Neal Gladner has invited me to come on Hot Springs radio to talk how to use all this new media, including blogs and — yep — Twitter in business. Our discussion begins around 7:07 a.m. Wednesday morning on KZNG New Talk 1340 AM. I invite all my dozen Hot Springs friends (and anyone else interested in this stuff) to listen in!

Obviously, there’s lots of businesses and other organizations taking part in the online conversation. On Twitter, you’ve got major companies like Tyson Foods and Arvest Bank using the microblogging service to spur action for charitable events and share resources and information with customers. Others are using it to monitor (possibly shape?) online discussion of their brand. And media companies like Arkansas Business are pushing news content, branding themselves with a tech savvy audience, trolling for information/sources and interacting with users. Blogs are used for many of the same general goals, albeit in a slight different way.

(See our Arkansas Twitter Guide here for a sampling of businesses and media on Twitter.)

It should be a fun 10-12 minutes on the air in Hot Springs. Catch Neal on Twitter @NealGladner, and you can follow me @LT.

Also, some food for thought for tomorrow’s discussion:

6 Ways You Should Be Using Twitter – Lifehacker

If You Publicly Proclaim You Are Going to Pirate A Movie, You Will Get Free Tickets for It – Gizmodo

B-to-B Followers Flock to Twitter – B-to-B

Some Question Payoff of Social Media Efforts – B-to-B