#ARElections: Election Day in Arkansas

Bipartisan Coffee Break

(From left) Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Shane Broadway, Democratic Secretary of State candidate Pat O'Brien, Republican Governor candidate Jim Keet and Republican U.S. House candidate Tim Griffin chat over coffee after appearing on "Today's THV This Morning" live from Community Bakery.

Arkansas Business Election Guide | Today’s THV Election Guide | Video: All the AETN Debates

Don’t forget: Tonight at the Clinton School, we make final predictions then watch the returns roll in. Also: Tweet-In! Track analysis from Clinton School students under hashtag #UACS2010.

Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins joins “Today’s THV” tonight for live coverage starting at 7 p.m. See THV2.com for continuous coverage. Updates on ArkansasBusiness.com, @ArkBusiness, @JeffHankins, @LT.


The Final Push: Staring Down the Barrel of the Midterm Elections

Finally! It’s less than 90 hours until this long national nightmare of a mid-term election comes to hideous close. We can’t wait for the relative calm (maybe?) of Nov. 3, when everyone sleeps for a full day before gettin’ wound up for 2012.

Until then, we’ve got lots to do:

1) “Arkansas Week,” 8 p.m. tonight. I join KUAR-FM, 89.1’s Kelly MacNeil, the University of Arkansas’ Hoyt Purvis and host Steve Barnes for a final assessment of the state’s Congressional and constitutional officer races, such as they are. Remember that big exciting Senate race? Not so exciting heading into the final weekend. We look to the 1st District for any final fireworks. Also: Swepco’s 0-3 in court rulings. Check your local AETN station tonight or watch it online here.

2) “Today’s THV This Morning,” election day. Last week, I appeared on the noon show each day for a quick, final summary of all the Congressional races. On Tuesday’s “Morning” show, I’ll be live throughout the morning with some last-minute notes and maybe a guest or two.

3) Midterm Election Watch Party, the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock. I’ll be on a panel with a couple of other yahoos to give some final impressions of this year’s campaigns. We’ll also take questions from the audience and enjoy a warm bowl of bean soup before the returns start, er, returning. Fun!

4) Election Night Returns on Today’s THV and ArkansasBusiness.com. Pop up some popcorn, grab a Coke and settle in for a long night. You’ll be on the couch, we’ll be in at the parties, on the phone, online and in studio delivering the latest election night news as it happens. Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins will analyze the county-by-county returns live on Today’s THV and THV2.com, and I’ll be manning coverage for ArkansasBusiness.com.

5) The Morning After. Hankins and I will be on “Today’s THV This Morning” and “Today’s THV at Noon” to go over the results and, maybe, What It All Means.

And if this year’s elections weren’t scary enough: Happy Halloween!

We’re Live Right Now on THV2.com With #ARElection Results

(UPDATE: We’ve taken the live video down now that our coverage has ended. Thanks for watching!)

Click PLAY above to watch us now live on THV2.com. Jeff Hankins and I provide commentary and analysis with the THV news team as the numbers come in.

Follow us both on Twitter: @JeffHankins | @LT (See LT feed at the top of the RH rail of this site.)

Predictions: Jeff Hankins | Lance Turner

More Coverage

ArkansasBusiness.com – The latest numbers and analysis, along with breaking election news from the Associated Press. (News links also in the top LH rail of this site.)

InArkansas.com Mobile – Mobile users click here to get latest ArkansasBusiness.com news headlines in an iPhone-, Blackeberry-friendly format.

ARElections.org – Get the latest numbers from the source, as they come in.

Glass House Arkansas – A list of candidate watch parties and news sources.

#ARElections: A Sampling of Tuesday Night’s Political Coverage in Central Arkansas

With nearly 30 candidates running for Congressional seats, millions of dollars pouring into Arkansas media and plenty of national attention focusing on That U.S. Senate Race, tonight night is an Arkansas political junkie’s dream. How does one keep up with it all?

Here’s a sampling of where you can get the latest political news coverage after the polls close tomorrow night. (Any additions or updates, please let me know.)


Jeff Hankins and I will be live all night on Today’s THV’s THV2, the CBS affiliate’s second digital channel. We’ll also be cutting into CBS programming throughout the night, with a big wrap-up at 10 p.m. Steve Ronnelle, president of the Political Animals Club of Central Arkansas, is among the guests.

KATV-TV, Channel 7 – The ABC affiliate pre-empts “V” at 9 p.m. with a 1-hour election special.

KARK-TV, Channel 4 – The NBC affiliate will have Bill Vickery and Pat Lynch as part of its coverage.

KLRT-TV, Channel 16 – The Fox affiliate will have Roby Brock as part of its regular, hour-long newscast at 9 p.m.


KARN-FM, 102.9Blake Rutherford and Jason Tolbert sit in with Dave Elswick for wall-t0-wall coverage. You can listen live online here. And check Twitter for live comments from Rutherford and Tolbert. (KARN listeners, please be nice to Blake.)

KUAR-FM, 89.1, (NPR in Little Rock) – Rex Nelson sits in, along with news coverage from Ron Breeding, Kelly MacNeil and the gang. Listen live online here.


Again, you watch Today’s THV’s THV2 election coverage streaming live online here.

ArkansasBusiness.com – We’ll have updated analysis, as well as the latest numbers and stories from the Associated Press wire. For iPhones and Blackberries, go to m.inarkansas.com/news for those latest news headlines in a mobile-friendly format.

Arkansas Times Blog – No doubt there will be analysis from Editor Max Brantley and lots of colorful comments from readers.

ARElections.org – Returns as they come in. All the numbers, right here.


On the Think Tank, Rutherford has a final pre-election media round-up of local and national coverage and commentary on today’s races.

Some Cogent Political Analysis of Arkansas Congressional Races

Above: Andrew DeMillo’s excellent political analysis piece, summed up succinctly by one of the co-stars in 2009’s feel-good movie of the year, “Antichrist.”


AP Sources: Rep. Marion Berry to announce announces retirement [ArkansasBusiness.com]

Shocker! Marion Berry Bows Out! [The Arkansas Project]

Berry to Announce Retirement Tomorrow Morning [The Tolbert Report]

Arkansas Rep. Marion Berry to Retire [Blake’s Think Tank]

Marion Berry to Quit [Arkansas Times]

Cilliza Breaks: Berry Quits; ‘No Democrat Is Safe’ [The Washington Post]

Dems ‘struggling to unite’ [Politico]

‘Of Course They Did’ Department

Republican Party of Arkansas raises cost of filing for Congressional primaries [Tolbert]

Statement: ‘Both’ Morning News, DG Will Cover Razorbacks

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Stephens Media issued a joint statement this afternoon, answering some reporting on what their new venture’s staffing plans might be and (perhaps most importantly!) just who’ll be responsible for covering Arkansas’ beloved Razorbacks.

First, in response to a report by the City Wire on the “radical downsizing” that’s supposed to happen in January, the companies say:

“The process of hiring employees for the new company has not yet been determined.”

And as for the Razorbacks, there’s this, as reported on ArkansasBusiness.com this afternoon:

The statement says that “The Morning News and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette will both provide coverage of Razorback sports.” This seems to contradict a comment that Arkansas Democrat-Gazette owner and publisher Walter Hussman made in an interview with KUAR-FM, the Little Rock National Public Radio affiliate, which was referenced in the ArkansasBusiness.com article.

In that interview, Hussman said: “We will take on, yes, the primary responsibility for covering the Razorbacks. They may have some columnists and things like that that cover it. But one of the things that we have to do here is we’re trying to eliminate as much duplication as possible.”

So there you go. Just so we’re all on the same page.

ArkansasBusiness.com: Democrat-Gazette, Stephens Employees Face ‘Uncertain’ Future

Rob Keys of Arkansas Business’ sister publication, the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, files a report today on ArkansasBusiness.com in the aftermath of yesterday’s joint venture announcement between the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and Stephens Media in northwest Arkansas.

Not surprisingly, uncertainty appears to be a common theme among employees of both operations:

Said an employee of the Democrat-Gazette: “There’s a bunch of nervous people, a lot of uncertainty, and we supposedly won the [newspaper war].”

“I tried to wrap my head around it [Thursday], and I basically decided, ‘What can you do, but go back to work?’” a Stephens employee said. “I guess it’s good they’re at least trying this new business model.”

Keys also talks to Mark Fitzgerald, editor-at-large at trade journal Editor & Publisher, who thinks the Justice Department is likely to approve the proposal in October or November. And he thinks the arrangement will work, considering the tenacity and determination of the trade mag’s one-time Publisher of the Year, Walter Hussman.

The complete story is available here.

Meanwhile, Fitzgerald files his own piece at E&P, where Hussman explains (again) how this venture won’t be a joint operating agreement and that he expects it to be a “permanent” deal:

The merger of the northwestern Arkansas newspapers published by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and Stephens Media might look a little like a joint operating agreement (JOA), but there’s one big difference, says Walter Hussman: The merger is intended to be a “permanent solution” to the papers’ financial difficulties.

“In a JOA you have two corporations, and an agreement with a limited term that might be 100 years or 50 years,” Hussman, the owner of Democrat-Gazette parent Wehco Media, said in an interview Friday. “This is a corporation, and we each own 50% of it. A JOA is limited, this is a permanent solution.”

Fitzgerald’s full story is available here.