Great Success! at the 2nd #LRTweetup Last Night

Click for the official site

Click for the official site

I think it’s safe to say a good time was had by all at last night’s 2nd #LRTweetup at the Capital Bar & Grill in downtown Little Rock. I think our group was at least as big — if not a little bigger — than at the first event, and there again seemed to be a variety of professions and businesses represented, making it a choice networking event for all in attendance.

Special thanks to KATV for shooting some video of the Tweetup, which aired on its 10 p.m. newscast last night in conjunction with a story on Twitter’s growth and role in — no joke — Middle Eastern politics.

Tsudo’s got more on last night’s festivities at the Official #LRTweetup blog, including shout-outs to our hosts at the Capital Bar & Grill and Brant Collins, who fashioned some snazzy name tags for everyone to wear.

We hope to have a few pics from last night available later today (send them here if you’d like me to post them). Meanwhile, keep watching for news on our next event. And thanks again to everyone for coming out and creating another memorable Tweetup.

UPDATE: The official estimate of last night’s event: 50-60 folks. A couple of photos, after the jump:

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Another Arkansas Twitter Update

Just when we thought this thing had peaked, new Twitter users keep piling in. Admittedly, some in the list below have been around for few days, but we’ve not had a chance to call them out yet.

Consider yourselves called.

This week: A preponderance of THV-ers. I guess our quick seminar worked!

U.S. Rep. Mike Ross:

Innovate Arkansas, a program helping Arkansas entrepreneurs bring ideas and products to market:

Jonathan Dismang, state representative:

Werner Trieschmann, former Arkansas Democrat-Gazette writer, editor; playright –

Ross Cranford, CJRW ad man, iPhone early adopter:

Tom Brannon, KTHV –

Becca Buerkle, KTHV morning show producer –

Meredith Mitchell, KTHV –

Neil Sommerlatte, KTHV –

Jessica Duff, KTHV Web reporter –

Rob Hatfield, KTHV director –

THV This Morning

And of course, you can see more in our ever-expanding, unwieldy, unorganized Arkansas Twitter Guide.

Talking Twitter Tuesday on ‘Today’s THV This Morning’

All a Twitter

All a-Twitter

Tired of Twitter yet? Possibly! But the little microblogging service that could is still generating plenty of buzz — some of it not from bored news editors but people legitimately curious about the service and how it might help their business.

At about 6:20 6:40 a.m.-ish on Tuesday, I’ll give a quick primer on Twitter on “Today’s THV This Morning” and, time permitting, how some Arkansas businesses and other organizations are using the service (which we’ve touched on before on this blog and on the radio). Are you suffering from social media fatique and wondering whether Twitter is for you? Hopefully, we can help you answer that question, as well.

Meanwhile, remember you can follow me @LT and Arkansas Business @ArkBusiness. And be sure to sign up with the THV Morning Crew:

@MatthewGCarroll, producer

@BeccaBuerkle, producer

@AlysonCourtney, anchor

@CCrowson016, reporter/anchor

@todaysthv, news


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