The Razorbacks’ Infrastructure Plans, Home Design and the Democrat-Gazette Drops the ‘N’ Bomb in This Week’s Arkansas Business

Lots to get to this week’s Arkansas Business newspaper, online now and at your local newsstand (they still have those!):

It’s never enough is it? The University of Arkansas’ athletic department “has earmarked between $250,000 and $500,000 for an analysis of current and future facilities. Commissioning the study is the first step in what could eventually be tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrades.” Chris Bahn tell us what they want now.

Sam Eifling rummages through the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s archives to see just how often — and why — the newspaper publishes the dreaded ‘N’ word. Then he gets an e-mail from editor Griffin Smith.

Fox 16 tells us why it just wasn’t worth it to try and get some Sarah Palin video on the sly at Verizon Arena.

It’s never enough is it? Jan Cottingham notes several Arkansas architects who say the state is bucking the nationwide trend toward smaller homes. Bigger is still better!

The Razorbacks’ DJ Williams on the New

The beat goes on

The beat goes on

The new is out with the Razorbacks DJ Williams on the cover. You can read Chris Bahn’s cover story here.

Friday Week In Review: The Week We Tweeted-up

Via Nick Stovall

Via Nick Stovall

Holy crap it’s Friday! The day we finally convicted Tony Alamo for something other than his lack of fashion sense, and the day after most of us Tweeted up. Before plunging headlong into another lost weekend, here’s a last long look at the carnage behind us:

Walter Hussman allegedly kicked the tires on another “news-paper,” which is apparently a recounting of yesterday’s events published using ink on paper. Quaint!

Blake Rutherford moved papes like Christian Bale in “Newsies,” but with less singing.

Okay. We admit it. Bad angle.

Zack Stovall conducted his Blanche Lincoln Threat Assessment™.

The Arkansas Project puzzled over Jay Barth’s recent comments, re: education in Arkansas, in connection to the Arkansas lottery.

The Fayetteville Flyer had a great idea!

The Hog Blawg launched to a mysterious amount of great fanfare, making me wonder where my check is.

Kinkade and Rutherford took a stroll down the memory lane of Arkansas politics of yore, each trying to figure out just what the heck is wrong with the Republicans in Arkansas.

Jason Tolbert picks up on Arkansas Business story about those dern-blamed lottery salaries and wonders just who’s reading what over there.


A lottery salary snafu

E. Lynn Harris, a Razorback fan and author, died.

Walter Cronkite signed off

Chris Bahn video of Tim Tebow and Bobby Petrino at SEC Media Days

More cheesecake from Kinkade.


We saw the new Cowboys Stadium from afar

Happy Birthday!

Another winner

Chris Bahn: Razorbacks Football Team to Go 8-4 Northwest Editor Chris Bahn, who covers the Arkansas Razorbacks in Fayetteville, is out with his annual video preview series for the Hogs’ 2009 season. In the above overview on the Hogs’ schedule, he predicts the team will go 8-4, despite a tough run with no weeks off.

What’s your prediction for the Hogs? Is Bahn overly optimistic, on target, or shootin’ low?

Meanwhile, you can see the complete video series, including segments on Ryan Mallett, Tyler Wilson, D.J. Williams and more at: Video | AS360 on Facebook | AS360 on YouTube


The 2009 College and High School Football Preview (includes digital edition)

Chuck Barrett on Cover of’s May Edition

Barrett, the Voice of the Razorbacks

Barrett, the Voice of the Razorbacks

“In the fall, you live from Saturday to Saturday. For a lot of people who have done nothing more than invest their heart in the Razorbacks, that’s all they can afford to invest, Saturday is an important day to those people. Game day is a big deal to them. Those are the people that I think about.”

Chuck Barrett talks to Chris Bahn in the May edition of, on newsstands now and online here.

Nolan Richardson, on the February Cover of

The Nolan Richardson interview, in this month's magazine

The Nolan Richardson interview, in this month's magazine

Nolan Richardson, the former University of Arkansas men’s basketball coach, talks to Northwest Editor Chris Bahn in the February edition of The magazine hits newsstands next week, but the cover story is available now.

The amazing cover shot is by Eric Howerton.

Jeff Long Talks to Chris Bahn in This Month’s

Nice work, guys

Nice work, guys

Congrats the Arkansas Razorbacks on their big win on Friday over LSU. You can read more complete coverage of the game and its aftermath on our sports Web site,

Meanwhile, there’s more Hog coverage to chew on in the December print edition. Northwest Arkansas Editor Chris Bahn gets a sit-down with the new Hog-in-Chief Jeff Long. Bahn’s piece opens with a great anecdote about Long’s very first Hog call:

In his first act as athletic director, Long couldn’t afford to flub the most sacred tradition in Arkansas athletics. He took instruction on how to do it, ran through a couple trials and headed off to his introductory press conference.

More than a year later, he’s still not 100 percent confident in his ability to call the Hogs.

“I’m not sure I’ve got it totally down now,” Long says with a laugh. “Sometimes I come forward too quickly. It’s a work in progress for me.”

There’s more in the full cover story, available here. And in this sidebar, Long talks about the need for more transparency in the notoriously secret Razorbacks Foundation.

Long, on the cover

Long, on the cover

And then there’s this great cover shot of Long by Mike Pirnique, with Long rolling up his sleeves, ready to get to work.

Also this month:

Chris Bahn in a bid for fan patience

Jim Harris on change at the UA

Steve Sullivan on the strange 2008 high school football season

David Bazzel on the Anointed Ones

Justin Acri on the UCA non-championship

(Photo courtesy David Bazzel)