Friday Week in Review: 28 Days Later Edition

But will it float? Blake goes SWIM-ing

But will it float? Blake goes SWIM-ing

Day 5 of the Swine H1N1 Flu and we’re all holding our own! Let’s celebrate our fortitude in the midst of this pending societal meltdown by taking a short look at the Week That Was:

The Arkansas Times was obsessedobsessed — with Judge Willard Proctor.

Ms. Adverthinker pondered why it matters that more women are online than men.

Blake, at the Think Tank, got invited to a super-fancy speaking event on social media in New York City. Better wear your nice shoes!

The Arkansas Project tracked that insidious dark avenger that was the Swine Flu. Fortunately, we’re not blowing up any bridges just yet.

Central Arkansas Refreshers met, had refreshments.

The Tolbert Report introduced us to Rick Crawford, who says he’s taking on U.S. Rep. Marion Berry next year.

Zack Stovall, after shouting at me like a madman on the streets of downtown Little Rock, wonders what will come of the national Republican Party.

Kyran Pittman continues her sessions on the ins and outs of blogging. Latest edition: Dealing with rude commenters.

A Twitter tutorial on THV!

We gave more personal information to Skynet.

Robert Blake made us laugh. Again.

Sarah Palin Twittered.

Looking Ahead

It’s a blogging/social media tsunami this weekend as

Blake Rutherford and Emily Reeves go SWIM-ing tonight.

Kyran Pittman signs books on Saturday in Little Rock.

Delta Trust CEO French Hill tweets from Berkshire Hathaway on Saturday.

Local comic book artist/Twitterer Mitch Breitweiser is in Benton for Free Comic Book Day.

Brummett does Eureka Springs on Sunday.

THVideo: Alyson Courtney and I Talk Twitter

Click here to watch the segment

Click here to watch the segment

Whew! Two and a half minutes does go by fast. Especially on TV. It’s almost like trying to keep your tweets at a 140 characters!

That’s right, I said “140.” Although sharp-eared Twitterati will hear me in the video to the left saying “240” for some reason. “240”?! How do I mess that up? That’s basic Twitter 101! All I can say is, it was 6:40 in the a.m. and I’d yet to break into the coffee. It happens.

But thanks to “Today’s THV” for having me on and being such enthusiastic New Media experimenters. And check out Charles Crowson — he’s discovered Twitpic — much to Alyson’s dismay.

Like I said in the video, it’s easy to get “social media fatigue” trying to keep up with all that’s out there. The key for anyone thinking about using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, whatever, is to think about your goals, the way you work, and your possible audience, then experiment to see what service best fits you based on that criteria.

You don’t have to do it all. But you should be aware of what’s out there.

Also noted in the segment: How the government is using Twitter to keep citizens abreast of the swine flu, how Tyson Foods is using Twitter as part of its charitable work, and Delta Trust & Bank‘s plans to Twitter this weekend from the Berkshire-Hathaway shareholders meeting.

Find THV Twitterers here. See more Arkansas Twitterers via the Arkansas Twitter Guide. And follow me on Twitter @LT.

More: Jessica Duff on “Today’s THV at 9” has more on Twitter. (Includes video.)

Hospital Losses, Cuts at St. Vincent & More in Arkansas Business

A quick glance at selected stories from this week’s Arkansas Business:

A $70 million loss at Baptist Health means bond trouble for the health system, the latest in a string of bad news. Still, expansion!

Meanwhile, at St. Vincent, the hospital’s CEO moves forward on a plan to cut 200 positions by June.

Onward and upward! Chris Roberts, founding CEO of Little Rock’s Centennial Bank, has joined Little Rock’s Delta Trust & Bank as president.

More with Pulitzer Prize-winning Arkansas native Douglas Blackmon, who talks to Mark Hengel.

Gwen Moritz on ANB Financial: “Irresponsible borrowers and irresponsible lenders do have a way of finding each other.”

Jim Karrh wraps up his two-parter on e-mail marketing. Tactics and tips to make it sing for your business.

Brave New Restaurant: Still tasty!

The raging wet-dry alcohol issue in Arkadelphia has virtually paralyzed the Daily Siftings-Herald, which has almost stopped covering the debate altogether! God bless newspapers. You’re gonna miss ’em when they’re gone.

The Democrat-Gazette Enters the Twittersphere

Conan Gallaty, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s online director, told us this day was coming. And now, the state’s largest newspaper is among the tweeters in the Arkansas Twittersphere.

And since our last check, others are tipping a toe in, testing the waters. Some haven’t even begun Twittering! But that’s okay. We’re here to give you a helpful nudge out of the nest.

Herewith, a belated update to our Arkansas Twitter Guide:

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – A regular stream of news headlines, many of which you’ll still have to be a paying subscriber to access. No free lunch, not even on Twitter!

Jennifer Christman – Fun times from the Democrat-Gazette’s culture columnist and “American Idol” authority.

Crystal Thurman – Promotions director for the DG, but also oversees Sync and Arkansas Life.

Worth Sparkman – Editor of Arkansas Business’ sister business publication, the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal. C’mon Worth, bring the Tweets!

Arvest Bank – The official tweeter for the bank.

French Hill – CEO and Chairman of the Board of Delta Trust & Bank. – News for state government.

Monika Rued – One of Today’s THV’s online gurus. Also the hidden hand behind @todaysthv.

Ashley Blackstone – Reporter for Today’s THV. Catch up her (if you can!) running hither and yon, covering this and that.

Kelly MacNeil – Reporter for KUAR, Little Rock public radio.

Shannon E. Butler – Executive Director of City Year Little Rock/North Little Rock.

Natasha Naragon – Spokeswoman for Arkansas Secretary of State Charlie Daniels.

Mike OrtegaFLEX360 Web designer, graphic artist.

Little Rock Film Festival – Get the popcorn ready.

Arkansas Symphony Orchestra – Announcements and links to podcasts. Music to our ears.

Scott Munsell – KATV’s eye in the sky.

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