And Don’t Forget the #LRTweetup #LRTweetie Awards!


The Tweeties, 5:30 p.m., May 18 at Juanita's in Little Rock

As we previously noted, tonight the the #LRTweetup community marks a full year of Tweetups at the first LRTweetie Awards, set for 5:30 p.m. at Juanita’s in Little Rock. If you can go, I’d highly recommend it. I’d planned on joining the crowd, but there’s other business that has me occupied.

Check it out. It’ll be big fun!

It’s Twestival Day in the Rock: Event at Clinton Library to Benefit Reach Out and Read Arkansas

Twestival! Click to get tickets

Twestival! Click to get tickets

Today is Twestival Day!

Little Rock is among several cities across the country taking part in this Twitter-based fund-raiser for nonprofits. In Arkansas, the Little Rock Twestival benefits Reach Out and Read Arkansas, which works to promote literacy through early intervention.The group trains doctors and nurses to advise parents about the importance of reading aloud to their children and to give books to children at pediatric check-ups.

The organizers of our very own #LRTweetups are presenting tonight’s event, taking place at 5:30 at the Clinton Presidential Library. Admission is $10 and a book for a child. You can get your tickets now here. It’ll promises to be a fun, #LRTweetup-like evening to benefit a great organization.


Natalie Ghidotti blogs for books in celebration of today’s Twestival


LR Twestival coverage from all over – including London!

Essential Info

LRTweetup Presents Twestival!
Tweet. Meet. Give.

When: Sept. 10, 5:30 p.m.

Where: Clinton Presidential Library

Why: To support Reach Out and Read Arkansas

Tickets: $10 and a children’s book

Online tickets:

More: The Little Rock Twestival is just one of 46 events taking place across the country between Sept. 10-13 as part of the nationwide Twestival movement. A Twestival, or Twitter-Festival, is a global series of events organized by volunteers around the world under short timescales, in which people meet offline for one night, have fun and raise money for a local cause. More information about the national movement can be found at

RORA currently has four clinics that have applied for acceptance into its program, but the nonprofit is unable to provide the resources to begin distributing books in these clinics. Twestival can change that! We’re asking everyone, not just people in the Twitter community, to help us raise money and collect books for this important cause!

Tonight: A Cajun’s-style #LRTweetup

Click to retweet

Click to retweet

UPDATED: We had another great turnout! @KatieMcManners posts a photo of one group of us here. Plus: The Twestival announced, see more here.

Tonight: The Fourth #LRTweetup at Cajun’s in Little Rock, underway at 5:30 p.m. Come socialize (in person!) with local Tweeters on the bank of the Arkansas River. RSVP here (lots of you already have!), roll the dice for a free Mini-Card here and learn about the upcoming Little Rock Twestival to benefit Reach Out and Read Arkansas here.

And after the jump, let the Baz give you a video taste of tonight’s delicious venue.

See you at 5:30!

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We’re Gonna Tweetup Next Week at Cajun’s

Click for more

Click for more

In case you’re not following @LRTweetup or watching the Official LRTweetup blog, take note: We’ll be tweeting up right here in Little Rock starting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Cajun’s.

You can RSVP here, and probably should. Last month’s event, at Copper Grill, was the biggest yet, and the next one looks to be bigger. Plus, organizers are hoping to do some cool stuff this time around, and the RSVPs will help them in that effort.

So be sure to join us next week for food, drink and more networking among the local Twitterati. And, to kill time until next Thursday, try and guess the name of the next LRTweeup drink.

Fun Times with Tumblr: The Daily Baz and The Sweet Tea Body Count

Click for more of the Bazness

Click for more of the Bazness

We’ve discussed the virtues of Tumblr before. Now comes two more worth a follow:

The Daily Baz – Photos, videos, quotes from your favorite Razorback-turned-spokesman-turned-TV-sportscaster-turned-morning-radio-jock, probably not maintained by the man himself. A shot of today’s entry at right.

The Sweet Tea Body Count – A look at the essential death columns of Jay Grelen of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Pour yourself some Luzianne and bask in the blackness of the Great Abyss as seen through the wizened eyes of Jay Grelen. Again, probably not maintained by the main himself. (Thanks to the Arkansas Blog for the tip!)


Arkansas Enthusiast Daily

A Packed House at the Third #LRTweetup, at Copper Grill

Via @KatieMcManners

Via @KatieMcManners

Last night was the third #LRTweetup and, from what I’m hearing, it was the biggest one yet, with about 70 RSVPs making for a packed house at Copper Grill, our third gracious event host.

We missed the event. Yesterday was Laura’s birthday, and we had a family dinner at her mom’s house. Yep, the only thing that can keep me away from a Tweetup is my wife’s birthday. High praise! So we’re totally down for the next one.

It’s been a kick to hear from everyone about last night, as well as see some great photos from the event, which we’ve posted after the jump. If you’ve got some you’d like to contribute, e-mail them here, along with your name and Twitter username so I can properly credit.

Thanks again to everyone who helped put the event together. Special thanks to Copper Grill for the incredible hospitality, and to Paul Strack of Custom Printing for the cool name tags you can check out after the jump.

And be watching the official #LRTweetup site for information on the next event.

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Free Apps, Free Parking, Happy Hour All Night at Copper Grill for #LRTweetup

Click for more

Click for more

A reminder: Tomorrow night is the third #LRTweetup, this time at Copper Grill in downtown Little Rock. We’ve got full details about time, RSVPs and more on the official #LRTweetup site.

Also: Copper Grill, which tweets here, is rolling out the red carpet, offering happy hour specials all night long, free parking in the parking deck, free appetizers and a custom drink in honor of Little Rock Tweeters, the Dirty Bird. More on all that, here.

So check it out. And for a taste of Tweetups Past, check here and here. And for a peek at Copper Grill, see the video after the jump, hosted by prominent Little Rock Tweeter who’s all about Copper’s fare.

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