Media Notes: Pigs (Three Different Ones) & The End of Portfolio

Obvious? Yeah.

Obvious? Yeah.

An early update of media news from around the Internets:

Pigs on the WingHoward Kurtz on the fierce outbreak of swine flu coverage. The media, overreact? Maybe. If we’re all dead by next week? Maybe not!

Which of the Buggers to BlameIs Matt Drudge a hero? How Drudge drove (prefigured?) the media’s wild coverage of the swine flu.

You’ve Got to Be Crazy – Snoutbreak! The Daily Show mocks pig coverage.

Full of ValorThat’d be Max Brantley.

Giving Up – People continue to explore a “nonprofit” option for newspapers.

Closing Portfolio – If Conde Nast can’t launch a major glossy magazine these days, who among us can? New York Times on how the recession ended the magazine, and BusinessWeek weighs in here.

In the Tank – Is anyone really surprised by this?

Star Power – 40 journalists who took buyouts from the New Jersey Star-Ledger have banded together to start

Safe Bet? – Meanwhile, investors are betting that small market newspapers are where it’s at. Meanwhile, Warren Buffet knew it was over for major media waaay back in 1992, according to Slate.

A Commercial Appeal – The Memphis newspaper is tops among the latest circulation gainers. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on local circ numbers here.

Depressing Media Quote of the Week (And It’s Only Tuesday!)From an editor at the San Francisco Chronicle.

Media Notes: The Obligatory ‘Daily Show,’ Jim Cramer Links & 12 Seconds TV

Cramer vs. Cramer: Would the real Jim Cramer please stand up? Because the cowed apologist on “The Daily Show” last night looked nothing like the barking loon on “Mad Money.”

Full EpisodeOuttakeHoward Kurtz: One-sided smackdownGawker: Cramer “Meek”AP: Stewart ‘rips’ CramerPoynter: A guy doing “an entertainment show about business”

Driven to Insanity: KATV parent Allbritton Communications, desperate to bring back those screaming local car dealer ads, says it will give employees $2,000 toward a new car. Did you hear that, Jeff? $2,000. For employees. To help the economy. Just sayin’.

Twitter, video-ized

Twitter, video-ized

12-Second Twitter: Emily Reeves on, video’s answer to Twitter. Inevitable!

Project ‘Debrief’: David Kinkade of The Arkansas Project appears with Jessica Dean tonight on the “Daily Debrief.”

Meh: All this angst about losing daily newspapers? Turns out, not many Americans give a rip if their daily paper goes under, according to a Pew study. And apparently, neither does National Public Radio!

Point of Privilege: At least someone is siding with daily newspapers on something. In Arkansas, it’s the state Supreme Court!

Bad News: The New York Times’ link-worthy national newspaper destruction map, which looks like something you’d see on the wall in “Dr. Strangelove.”

It’s So Crazy It Just Might Work: “Good Morning America” purchases time on local cable TV to advertise its runner-up morning show during its competitors’ morning shows. Crafty.

Gone Baby Gone: Jim Kelly, the managing editor of Time magazine during its “glory days,” is leaving.

Picture This: Google Image Search, now available on iPhones and Android. The many faces of Blake Rutherford, now available on your mobile device.

Media Notes: Columnist Looks to iTunes for News Model

New GSM: KTHV names a new general sales manager.

The End of the Story: Paul Harvey …  Good day!

Download This: Another newspaper columnist suggests an iTunes model for online news distribution.

The Wall Goes Up: Hearst newspapers to begin charging for some news content online.

No Profit, Nonprofit: Now comes The Associated Press with another report on a nonprofit, tax-exempt model for newspapers.

Big Spenders: As the cost of television shows rise, the major TV networks struggle.

The Blind Stagger: Howard Kurtz on the ailing newspaper industry, its mistakes and its hazy future.

Twitter Me This: How will Twitter ever make money? Search might be the key.

After the Debate: Assessing Biden vs. Palin

Yer darn tootin'!

Yer darn tootin!

UPDATED AGAIN: Ratings? Huge. Biggest debate in 16 years, according to early numbers.

UPDATED: It’s a draw!

That seems to be the consensus from people I’ve talked to/heard from since last night. In our conversation on “Today’s THV This Morning,” Charles Crowson quoted one poll (of course there are many out there this morning) that say 33 percent called the Joe Biden-Sarah Palin debate a tie.

(Click here to see video of the segment.)

I agree with Bryan Jones, who commented to this post saying that, “Biden won on reason. Palin won on feeling.” Palin turned in a markedly better performance than her previous television news interviews suggested, depsite often getting bogged down in talking points and her folksy catch phrases (and the winking — oh, the winking). But she held her own with a seasoned debater in Biden, whose experience talking (and talking, and talking) no one doubts.

Biden, meanwhile, kept his focus, doing what veep candidates are supposed to do: take the fight to the top of the opposing party’s ticket. Palin was almost a non-issue for him.

Still, each candidate got their shots in, and each scored points in a debate that was more lively than the one we saw between Barack Obama and John McCain. Part of that owes to the veep candidates’ larger-than-life personalities, and part of it owes, again, to what veep candidates are supposed to: take on the other ticket, be the attack dog.

Bottom Line

But in the end, despite the more vigorous exchanges between Biden and Palin than between Obama and McCain, the two sides seemed much warmer toward each other. There was Palin’s, “Mind if I call ya Joe?” greeting at the start, and that fascinating scene after the debate, where both the Biden and Palin families hung out on stage meeting and talking to one another.

In the end, neither side probably won many new supporters. But I don’t think they lost any, either.

Arkansas Reaction

Palin did well, Ifill was fine and maybe Biden should be atop the ticket. Good work! [The Arkansas Project]

Palin wins by ‘a landslide’ [The Citizens Journal]

She takes a bite outta Biden, you betcha! [The Tolbert Report]

Brantley: Palin did ‘reasonably well,’ Biden ‘even likeable’ [Arkansas Times]

I doubt many votes moved tonight [Under the Dome]

‘Palin, well scripted, stood up for 90 minutes which, in reality, is a victory for her.’ [Blake’s Think Tank]


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Just the Facts, Ma’am

Fact checking the debate []

Some facts adrift in debate [Associated Press]

The facts, the inaccuracies [NYT via Mercury News]

Reality check on the veep debate [CBS News]

Around the Nation

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