‘Caught on Tape,’ In This Week’s Arkansas Business

This week’s Arkansas Business, available now. Among the highlights:

Haven’t you heard? Today’s the lottery! Let’s all go buy a ticket and become millionaires! Before that, though, read George Waldon’s story on all the security surrounding the lottery and the insane levels of security on each of its tickets.

And speaking of security, businesses are using fancier and fancier surveillance equipment to nab the bad guys. Jamie Walden has much more.

Media mogul Mike Huckabee signs a deal with Redlasso, a Philadelphia-based media firm that will bring all of the former governor’s media content to the Web.

Fear not. The next time you choke on a chicken bone at your desk, there’s likely to be someone in your office who knows CPR or, for the fun of it, can use one of those electronic defibrillators on you.

Jeffery Scott Rand of North Little Rock is getting closer and closer to having federal charges filed against him. The Securities Department has already accused him of using millions of investors’ well-drilling dollars to buy a duck-hunting club and indulge a racehorse hobby.

U.S. Rep. Mike Ross’ deal to sell his pharmacy to USA Drug has given Arkansas Business a whole new outlook on just how much the Stephen LaFrance company takes in per year.

Heifer International is close to marking its 65th anniversary.


The Friday Week in Review: Don’t You Forget About Me Edition

Via Russell Davies

Via Russell Davies

In case you haven’t heard, John Hughes died this week of a heart attack at age 59. Of course, you probably have heard, because you can’t login to Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook without seeing this clip or this clip or this image or this clip posted about a million times. “Don’t You Forget About Me.” How could we?

In other news, other stuff happened! Here’s a look back at the week that were:

Bill Clinton revved up the X-Presidents Jet and rescued a pair of journos from the icy clutches of the ever-so-ronery Kim Jong Il.

The Wall went up at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Blanche Lincoln stepped in it, tossing around the word “un-American” a little too freely.

No one is buying the Austin American-Statesman, probably because they want too much for it!

Rupert Murdoch will make you pay … pay ever so dearly.

Jason Tolbert braved the pitchfork-wielding mobs to talk to Mike Ross and Vic Snyder about health care. Good thing Tolbert has health insurance!

Lou Holtz considered a run for Congress, by God. Then decided not to.

At last, we can scream from the mountain tops that Jeremy Hutchinson is running. For something.

Twitter and Facebook got hacked, and now The Arkansas Project is down, its servers overwhelmed by thousands of David Kinkade’s conservative acolytes seeking their daily dose of Project-y goodness. Here’s hoping it’s back up soon. Meantime, God be with them.

Torii Hunter let everyone down.

Lunch time! Rex Nelson won a big account this week! How about some BJ’s Market Cafe to celebrate?

MIT and Utah lead the way among start-up spin-offs, but Arkansas’ got some savvy patent-seekers. And Sam Walton still matters.

The Blog Hawgs (or is it Blawg Hogs — or why not Blawg Hawgs?) wrote a lot about the, er, Hogs.


Windows did again.


Fresh Meat in the Arkansas Blogosphere: Welcome the Blog Hawgs

Blawggin' and hawggin'

Blawggin' and hawggin'

Welcome to the Blog Hawgs, a new Arkansas-based blog covering “sports, politics, pop culture … and other stuff.” In their grand opening post today, the blog’s writers, Adam Butler and Brett Kincaid, say they want to provide mix of sports and political coverage. And they’ll get rolling this week an SEC football preview:

We’ll run down all 12 SEC football teams as everyone gears up for the opening of fall camp.  Adam will unveil his analysis of Ole Miss tomorrow.  What better way to kick things off than squashing the hopes of unsuspecting Rebel fans?  As Adam is fond of saying, “We’ve seen this movie before.  We know how it ends.”

Good times! You can read more about Butler and Kincaid (no relation) here and here. The pair have already been blogging in the dark, so you can get a taste of what’s to come in posts on Sarah Palin, Erin Andrews, Mike Ross and — of course! — the Arkansas lottery.

Here’s wishing the fellas good luck.


Another one: Rex Nelson’s Southern Fried launched last week

Another Arkansas Twitter Update

Just when we thought this thing had peaked, new Twitter users keep piling in. Admittedly, some in the list below have been around for few days, but we’ve not had a chance to call them out yet.

Consider yourselves called.

This week: A preponderance of THV-ers. I guess our quick seminar worked!

U.S. Rep. Mike Ross: http://twitter.com/RepMikeRoss

Innovate Arkansas, a program helping Arkansas entrepreneurs bring ideas and products to market: http://twitter.com/innovateAR

Jonathan Dismang, state representative: http://twitter.com/dismang

Werner Trieschmann, former Arkansas Democrat-Gazette writer, editor; playright – http://twitter.com/wernertplays

Ross Cranford, CJRW ad man, iPhone early adopter: http://twitter.com/rosscranford

Tom Brannon, KTHV – http://twitter.com/wxrunt

Becca Buerkle, KTHV morning show producer – http://twitter.com/beccabuerkle

Meredith Mitchell, KTHV – http://twitter.com/THV_Weathergirl

Neil Sommerlatte, KTHV – http://twitter.com/NeilSommerlatte

Jessica Duff, KTHV Web reporter – http://twitter.com/jduff84

Rob Hatfield, KTHV director – http://twitter.com/kthvdirector

THV This Morninghttp://twitter.com/THVThisMorning

And of course, you can see more in our ever-expanding, unwieldy, unorganized Arkansas Twitter Guide.