Mike Huckabee to Guest-edit Politics Magazine in October

Via FishbowlDC, this item about Republican Mike Huckabee, a “giant” in his party, guest-editing Campaigns & Elections Politics magazine in October. This, from a memo from the publisher:

Team, Exciting news… Campaigns & Elections’ Politics magazine will soon host Governors Huckabee and Rendell as guest editors of two upcoming issues. As you know, both Governor Huckabee and Rendell are two giants in their respective parties and are known inside our community as outstanding political tacticians who are widely respected across the political spectrum.

This will be the first time we’ve had a guest editor. Governor Huckabee will go first, in October. Governor Rendell will follow shortly thereafter.

Former (and future?) presidential candidate, former governor, current talk show host, contender for de-facto leader of the Republican party, mean bass player — but can he handle a deadline?


Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States

WhiteHouse.gov, 2.0

WhiteHouse.gov, 2.0

At noon, Barack Obama officially became the President of the United States.

Drudge: The speech


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Is Obama President? Yes.

The Barack Obama Inauguration

From HowIsObamaDoing.com

From HowIsObamaDoing.com

Today’s the day.

Follow the Inauguration Online

Live streaming video, Silverlight-powered stream here

Blake Rutherford live in Washington D.C.: Twitter, Think Tank Blog, Facebook, Flickr; ‘People waiting in line for more than an hour to get in …’

Rep. Steve Harrelson liveblogs at Under the Dome (includes live video)

Kristin Fisher live in Washington D.C. for WUSA: Twitter, Twitter photos; WUSA video

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Jennifer Godwin Blogs 44

Obama Girl! (via Kinkade, of course)

Bush has left the building, Arkansas Times

A line at the first D.C. checkpoint

Fisher via Twitpic: A line at the first D.C. checkpoint


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Where to watch

How the change-over will work

Today's Tribune

Today's Tribune

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Suffering in celebration … the crowds, the lines, the cattle calls

‘Feels like 12 degrees outside with wind chill …’

Cell phone jam …

The inauguration will be Youtubed, Video’d, Photosynth’d, Googled …


Barack Obama @ LanceTurner.com

Via Guy.Tumblr.com

Via Guy.Tumblr.com

Obama Administration Might Focus on Web in Communications

Will the Barack Obama adiministration be the first “wired” presidency?

From the Washington Post:

Obama aides and allies are preparing a major expansion of the White House communications operation, enabling them to reach out directly to the supporters they have collected over 21 months without having to go through the mainstream media.

Just as John F. Kennedy mastered television as a medium for taking his message to the public, Obama is poised to transform the art of political communication once again, said Joe Trippi, a Democratic strategist who first helped integrate the Internet into campaigning four years ago.

“He’s going to be the first president to be connected in this way, directly, with millions of Americans,” Trippi said.

The nucleus of that effort is an e-mail database of more than 10 million supporters. The list is considered so valuable that the Obama camp briefly offered it as collateral during a cash-flow crunch late in the campaign, though it wound up never needing the loan, senior aides said. At least 3.1 million people on the list donated money to Obama.

More here.

For all the Bush administration’s griping about the “filter” of the mainstream media and their efforts to circumvent it, they’d never have been able to marshal a system as sophisticated as the one we’re likely going to see in the Obama administration.

So where would the press fit into all this? How would it fight administration spin with facts when the administration can text message or otherwise directly contact millions of supporters in ways the mainstream press can’t?

WSJ SmartMoney Editor in Little Rock on Obama, the Economy

A sunny view from the folks at Fox

A sunny view from the folks at Fox

As we mentioned earlier this week, Matthew Heimer, The Wall Street Journal Magazine SmartMoney deputy editor, was in Little Rock today to speak at one of UALR’s regular economic forecast conferences.

ArkansasBusiness.com Assistant Internet Editor Amy Riggin was there and filed this report:

“I’m optimistic,” Heimer said. “He [Obama] seems to be someone who is eager to build a consensus.”

Heimer said it is important to keep in mind that while Obama will be commander-in-chief, “he’s not the only player in the newly-enlarged Democratic Congress.”

“Under the best of circumstances almost no one can ever get their entire platform enacted,” he said. “It’s fairly safe to say that the Obama represented by his campaign platform is not the President Obama that we’re going to see over the next four years because even with a big Democratic majority he’s just not going to have that kind of leverage.”

Heimer said he believe the nation is in a recession, but he doesn’t think it’s going to be as severe as past recessions, including those of the 80s, and of course the market crash of ’29.

He also talked about Obama rode voter dissatisfaction with the economy into the White House:

While economics is not one of McCain’s strengths, Heimer said, there also is uncertainty surrounding Obama’s plans. But Obama had the same advantage that Ronald Reagan had over Jimmy Carter in 1980 and that Bill Clinton had over George H. W. Bush in 1992: a shaky economy during an election year acting as an “incumbent repellent.”

“I think it’s pretty well accepted at this point that the economy was McCain’s weak spot,” Heimer said. “The missteps unfortunately were many … Most of us can remember how many homes we own.”

“I think Obama, ultimately in his temperament, not necessarily in his policies, was able to reassure more people.”

Click here to see the complete report, including how the SmartMoney Web site responded to the financial crisis for its readers.

(Photo from Coltermac‘s Flickrstream here.)

Barack Obama Wins Presidential Election

CNN, Tuesday night

CNN, Tuesday night

The president-elect, Barack Obama.

In Arkansas

The ultimate election-night liveblog at the Think Tank; the morning after

State election round-up; post-election blues; “oh the humanity!” from the Arkansas Project.

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Barack Obama and John McCain: Stating Their Case in the Wall Street Journal

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and Republican nominee John McCain made their respective closing arguments on Monday to that key constituency at Ground Zero of the global financial crisis. In opinion pieces in the Wall Street Journal, both candidates made the economic case for their presidencies.

Given the historic nature of the financial crisis, it’s interesting to read the candidates’ pitches to America’s business elite.

First, an except from John McCain’s piece:

We need to grow our small businesses, not tax them. I will fight the Democrats’ plans to redistribute the fruit of America’s labor and turn our economy into a full-fledged disaster. I will cut taxes on families, seniors, savers and businesses. We need to double the child deduction, cut the capital gains tax, and keep jobs in America with a lower business tax.

After the jump, the rest of McCain’s excerpt, and an excerpt from Obama’s column.

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