The Razorbacks’ Infrastructure Plans, Home Design and the Democrat-Gazette Drops the ‘N’ Bomb in This Week’s Arkansas Business

Lots to get to this week’s Arkansas Business newspaper, online now and at your local newsstand (they still have those!):

It’s never enough is it? The University of Arkansas’ athletic department “has earmarked between $250,000 and $500,000 for an analysis of current and future facilities. Commissioning the study is the first step in what could eventually be tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrades.” Chris Bahn tell us what they want now.

Sam Eifling rummages through the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s archives to see just how often — and why — the newspaper publishes the dreaded ‘N’ word. Then he gets an e-mail from editor Griffin Smith.

Fox 16 tells us why it just wasn’t worth it to try and get some Sarah Palin video on the sly at Verizon Arena.

It’s never enough is it? Jan Cottingham notes several Arkansas architects who say the state is bucking the nationwide trend toward smaller homes. Bigger is still better!


Fresh Meat in the Arkansas Blogosphere: Welcome the Blog Hawgs

Blawggin' and hawggin'

Blawggin' and hawggin'

Welcome to the Blog Hawgs, a new Arkansas-based blog covering “sports, politics, pop culture … and other stuff.” In their grand opening post today, the blog’s writers, Adam Butler and Brett Kincaid, say they want to provide mix of sports and political coverage. And they’ll get rolling this week an SEC football preview:

We’ll run down all 12 SEC football teams as everyone gears up for the opening of fall camp.  Adam will unveil his analysis of Ole Miss tomorrow.  What better way to kick things off than squashing the hopes of unsuspecting Rebel fans?  As Adam is fond of saying, “We’ve seen this movie before.  We know how it ends.”

Good times! You can read more about Butler and Kincaid (no relation) here and here. The pair have already been blogging in the dark, so you can get a taste of what’s to come in posts on Sarah Palin, Erin Andrews, Mike Ross and — of course! — the Arkansas lottery.

Here’s wishing the fellas good luck.


Another one: Rex Nelson’s Southern Fried launched last week

The Return of the Friday Week In Review

Last week. Photo by @kthvdirector

Last week. Photo by @kthvdirector

It’s Friday! It’s time to get back down to business and take a look back at the week that was, when we so much younger, more innocent, so full of life. So without further ado:

Speaker of the House Robbie Wills packed his bags for Taiwan. But not before enjoying a tasty lunch at Copper Grill with a room full of lonely misfit bloggers.

David Kinkake is so convinced French Hill is running that he left this post at the top of his blog for three days! That, or his next Photoshopped Rutherford pic is going to be one helluva an intricate masterpiece.

Also: We too ask, Why?

This crazy bastard terrorized half the state. Of course it ended in gunfire and tragedy.

BJ Sams passed the baton, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Sarah Palin left us speechless. And then, Peggy Noonan’s takeand Tim Griffin’s.

Little Rock’s Associated Press office is all a-Twitter. Jon Gambrell signed on, too.

Zack Stovall continued to hone the hack-y art of photos with goofy captions on them, but not before ruminating on Obama, overexposure, and the political implications of lining up with a dead man — who happens to be Michael Jackson.

It was our country’s birthday.

Jeff Hankins played Steve Barnes in this latest edition of “Arkansas Week,” causing havoc at AETN with his outrageous dressing room demands.

The Simpsons continue to be more relevant than ever.

Some British comedian got a room full of rasslin’ fans in Fort Smith drunk, took advantage of them, and filmed the whole thing.

Ms. Adverthinker spent a weekend without TV and lived to tell the tale, God bless ‘er.


Carly and I discovered ShakeIt Photo

Film critic Matt Zoller Seitz began an excellent multi-part video essay on the films of Michael Mann.

This annoyed Blake.

Almost 1,000.

It’s the Jeff Hankins Show Tonight on ‘Arkansas Week’

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Watch/Listen Now: Video | Audio

Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins is filling for Steve Barnes tonight as host of AETN’s “Arkansas Week.” This week’s guest: Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times, Rick Fahr of The Log Cabin Democrat and David Keith of the University of Central Arkansas‘ Journalism Department.

There’s should be lots to talk about this week, including this morning’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette report that Arkansas State Police are going to assist in a prosecutor’s review of the university’s finances. On Jeff’s official agenda: the latest on Arkansas lottery plans, state highway funds from the Feds and natural gas proceeds, tobacco settlement spending, and a possible Sarah Palin/Mike Huckabee showdown.

Watch the show tonight at 8 on your local AETN affiliate or click the links above to listen to audio or watch video once AETN posts to its RSS feed.

Meanwhile: Hankins is hosting! And he’s not letting any of this go to his head. Except for a diva-worthy rider he left with “Arkansas Week”‘s backstage staff this week. After the jump, see what Hankins is requiring of his AW dressing room before showtime.

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The Associated Press in Little Rock, Now A-Twitter

Join me in welcoming the great Andrew DeMillo of the Associated Press in Little Rock and Charlie Frago of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to the Arkansas Twittersphere!

DeMillo’s been Twittering since Friday. First tweet? That crazy lady from Alaska’s quittin’. I’m paraphrasing, of course.

Frago is so far silent, biding his time and waiting for inspiration to strike. We’ll keep watching!

Stalk ’em here: ADeMillo | CPFrago

Friday Week in Review: 28 Days Later Edition

But will it float? Blake goes SWIM-ing

But will it float? Blake goes SWIM-ing

Day 5 of the Swine H1N1 Flu and we’re all holding our own! Let’s celebrate our fortitude in the midst of this pending societal meltdown by taking a short look at the Week That Was:

The Arkansas Times was obsessedobsessed — with Judge Willard Proctor.

Ms. Adverthinker pondered why it matters that more women are online than men.

Blake, at the Think Tank, got invited to a super-fancy speaking event on social media in New York City. Better wear your nice shoes!

The Arkansas Project tracked that insidious dark avenger that was the Swine Flu. Fortunately, we’re not blowing up any bridges just yet.

Central Arkansas Refreshers met, had refreshments.

The Tolbert Report introduced us to Rick Crawford, who says he’s taking on U.S. Rep. Marion Berry next year.

Zack Stovall, after shouting at me like a madman on the streets of downtown Little Rock, wonders what will come of the national Republican Party.

Kyran Pittman continues her sessions on the ins and outs of blogging. Latest edition: Dealing with rude commenters.

A Twitter tutorial on THV!

We gave more personal information to Skynet.

Robert Blake made us laugh. Again.

Sarah Palin Twittered.

Looking Ahead

It’s a blogging/social media tsunami this weekend as

Blake Rutherford and Emily Reeves go SWIM-ing tonight.

Kyran Pittman signs books on Saturday in Little Rock.

Delta Trust CEO French Hill tweets from Berkshire Hathaway on Saturday.

Local comic book artist/Twitterer Mitch Breitweiser is in Benton for Free Comic Book Day.

Brummett does Eureka Springs on Sunday.

Behold the Towering Glory That Is Sarah Palin on Twitter

Twitter: Truly, the gift that keeps on giving

Twitter: Truly, the gift that keeps on giving



All About Sarah Palin