#ARElections: Election Day in Arkansas

Bipartisan Coffee Break

(From left) Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Shane Broadway, Democratic Secretary of State candidate Pat O'Brien, Republican Governor candidate Jim Keet and Republican U.S. House candidate Tim Griffin chat over coffee after appearing on "Today's THV This Morning" live from Community Bakery.

Arkansas Business Election Guide | Today’s THV Election Guide | Video: All the AETN Debates

Don’t forget: Tonight at the Clinton School, we make final predictions then watch the returns roll in. Also: Tweet-In! Track analysis from Clinton School students under hashtag #UACS2010.

Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins joins “Today’s THV” tonight for live coverage starting at 7 p.m. See THV2.com for continuous coverage. Updates on ArkansasBusiness.com, @ArkBusiness, @JeffHankins, @LT.

Campaigns Jump on the Mobile App Bandwagon

Dan Rutherford iPhone app

Dan Rutherford, Illinois Republican candidate for state treasurer, will point at you via his iPhone app.

Mobile apps! Everybody’s got one, most likely including your local politico seeking higher office.

The Associated Press drops this feature today on “iCampaigning,” where already incessantly social candidates — not content with Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Flickr, YouTube and more — are creating their own iPhone and Android applications to pester you with even more talking points, news releases and other propaganda. This makes them look “cool” and “with it”!

Minnesota House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, who’s running to be the Democratic nominee for governor, has an app that lets people follow her calendar, read news releases, familiarize themselves with her background and make campaign contributions.

“It shows that our campaign is a modern campaign,” said Kelliher spokesman Matt Swenson. “We’re connecting with people where they are right now through the phones in the palms of their hands.”

These apps are a good idea, particularly if you like spending lots of money! Our recent Arkansas Business cover story on app development here in Arkansas suggests that, while you could spend thousands of dollars developing apps for multiple platforms, you could also design one mobile-friendly Web site that everyone can easily access, no matter what device they use:

“For us, the determining factor is will this application help [a user] have easier access to discounts of a particular product or service? Is it location-based?” said Bryan Jones, the director of interactive services at Little Rock creative firm Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods. “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something.”

Many apps are free; marketers reason that building a tool that you’ll download is a way to keep a brand at the top of your mind and the front of your phone. But marketing and tech agencies are pushing many clients to invest in making their websites mobile-friendly before rushing to invest in apps.

“There’s a lot of technology out there that’s called an app when it’s really just a mobile interface,” said Marla Johnson Norris, the CEO of Artistotle Inc., an interactive marketing company in Little Rock. “The more things your mobile application is going to do, the more it costs.”


AP’s story on campaign apps, here.

Arkansas Business’ app cover story, here.

Also available to politicos: YouTube, which has set up a campaign toolkit for candidates.

#LRTweetup: A 1-year Anniversary Video by @JeffDailey

Happy 1-year anniversary, #LRTweetup!

More, plus a wrap up of the anniversary event here.

And Don’t Forget the #LRTweetup #LRTweetie Awards!


The Tweeties, 5:30 p.m., May 18 at Juanita's in Little Rock

As we previously noted, tonight the the #LRTweetup community marks a full year of Tweetups at the first LRTweetie Awards, set for 5:30 p.m. at Juanita’s in Little Rock. If you can go, I’d highly recommend it. I’d planned on joining the crowd, but there’s other business that has me occupied.

Check it out. It’ll be big fun!

Join Jeff Hankins and Me on Today’s THV Tuesday Night for Local Election Coverage

Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins and I will be on Today’s THV starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, part of the CBS affiliate’s local election coverage.

You can catch nonstop coverage starting at 7 p.m. on THV’s second digital channel, THV2. The affiliate will also be cutting into networking programming throughout the night — but not interrupting your favorite CBS shows, we’re told. And of course, there will be coverage at 10 p.m. during the regular nightly newscast.

You’ll be able to watch online. And Jeff and I will tweeting and updating ArkansasBusiness.com with analysis and news throughout the night.

We’re on Twitter at:



Hankins will be offering his analysis of the returns as they come in after polls close at 7 p.m., and I’ll be monitoring the online buzz and offering additional commentary. And THV reporters will be fanned out across the state for reaction at crucial watch parties. It looks to be one for the books on Tuesday night, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Another #LRTweetup: Join Us Next Week for the LRTweetie Awards!


The Tweeties, 5:30 p.m., May 18 at Juanita's in Little Rock

Can you believe it? The #LRTweetup community marks a full year of Tweetups a week from today at the first LRTweetie Awards, set for 5:30 p.m. May 18 at Juanita’s in Little Rock. You can RSVP right here, right now. Please do. We’d love to see you there!

Arkansas Business’ Sam Eifling, himself an avid Twitter, notes the event in this week’s Arkansas Business:

On May 18, the loose band of Twitter users who have made Little Rock Tweetups a monthly rite of beery canoodling are getting together at Juanita’s Cafe & Bar in Little Rock for the Little Rock Tweeties – an awards night to recognize the most clever and creative among this digital tribe. Organizers took nominations in such categories as “Best Twitter Conversationalist,” “Most Likely to Go on a Twitter Rampage” and “Tweet of the Year” on LRTweetup.com.

The notion of handing out awards for tweeting makes you wonder just how interesting some people find their navels. But the entire tone of the enterprise has been tongue-in-cheek, and a nod to the bona fide human connections that the Tweetup crowd seems to have stumbled onto while trying to network.

Tonque-in-cheek indeed. This whole #LRTweetup enterprise was founded nearly on a lark. And you can read much more about the history of the event (in which I played a small role), plus other stories from the #LRTweetup community, right here from the people who lived it. Throughout the year, this ecosystem of 140-character oversharers has raised money for nonprofits, shared many thousands of MBs of information and helped cultivate a stronger, more connected business community. And this is just the start.

“We’re doing more than just throwing a party for a networking group that has provided a way to connect with colleagues and friends through social media,” said Keith Crawford, one of the founders of the LRTweetUp (@LRTweetUp). “We’re celebrating the creation and growth of a community that has transformed the way many professionals in Little Rock cultivate relationships, do business and promote advocacy and  goodwill initiatives through philanthropic efforts. The LRTweeties are a simple, light-hearted way of honoring that.”

The full news release, containing more event details after the jump. But first, take a stroll back in time with photos and coverage of our first #LRTweetup events.

The first event: Tonight’s the Night We Tweetup in Little Rock

Photos! Video! Scenes from a Little Rock Tweetup

The second event! It’s Upon Us! Tweetup at Capital Bar & Grill

Great success! Photos! Pics from the Second #LRTweetup

Fancy Name Tags! Twitter Widows! Pics from the Third #LRTweetup at Copper Grill

Twestival Day!

Me, on Twitter: @LT

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Republicans Square Off Now in Debate for U.S. Senate

Last night, the three Democratic contenders for an Arkansas U.S. Senate seat squared off, and now it’s the 8 Republican candidates’ turn.

Some Saturday commitments keep us from attending the forum, taking place at today’s meeting of Arkansas newspaper editors at the DoubleTree Hotel in Little Rock. So we recommend you watch via an A-team of Twitter correspondents on the ground downtown:

Andrew DeMillo, AP – @ademillo

John Lyon, Arkansas News Bureau – @johnlyon09

Dave Catanese, Politico – @davecatanese

Jason Tolbert – @TolbertReport

John Brummett – @johnbrummett

Update – The debate’s over: See DeMillo’s first AP write-through, available here.